“James Bond: Skyfall” Positives and Negatives Review

The name’s Clow. Mitch Clow. And I’m back to deliver a brand new positives and negatives review for the latest movie in the Bond franchise, Skyfall! Read on to see what my thoughts were on this action packed, slightly atypical venture.

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“The Mentalist” season 5 preview – Revenge, Retribution, and Red John: Patrick Jane’s Quest for Vengeance

            This past May, I watched with bated breath to see if Patrick Jane would ever emerge from his descent into lunacy in the season finale of “The Mentalist.” Of course, however, this was simply another of Jane’s clever ruses to catch his longtime enemy, Red John, the serial killer who claimed his wife and daughter’s lives almost 10 years ago.

“The Mentalist” cast.

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“Wreck-It Ralph” review

Wreck-It Ralph is a fun video game collaboration that is able to bring upon the same emotions as Disney’s Pixar ventures. However, Walt was alone in creating this 3D animated feature, which kept the film from achieving its high potential.

The “Wreck-It Ralph” one sheet.

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