Sony Releases “Playstation All-Stars” Live Action Trailer

As part of Sony’s outstanding marketing campaign for their answer to Smash Bros., Sony released a high production live action trailer for fighter Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

            I’m a sucker for accurate cosplay. Check out the details in Sony’s Nathan Drake character from the PS3 series Uncharted.


Live action Drake even has the look of a cartoon character.


Details of cosplays in the trailer were fantastic. Drake’s costume matched up perfectly, from his boots…


…to his leather watchband. 

I was given the opportunity to give the demo a spin at New York City Comic Con this past October. The game felt a lot heavier than Smash, and I missed the tactic of forcing opponents off of stages. It’s safe to say that Sony is trying to create an entirely new fighter, separate from its Nintendo counterpart.

-Mitchel Clow


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