“Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” positives and negatives review

In this new type of review, I’ll be simply listing the positives and negatives of a film. To be festive with Halloween, this week’s is for the second film in the video game adaptation series, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

Adelaide Clemens in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D as Heather


-Easy to jump into, even if you haven’t seen the first.

-Adelaide Clemens fit in great in the video game-esque world.

“Game of Thrones'” Kit Harrington and Adelaide Clemens as Vincent and Heather.

-Art direction was absolutely gorgeous.

-The 3D effects effectively immersed the viewer, and displayed textures and various monsters in a non-hokey way.

-Special effects of things like monsters and the digitally rendered scenery was top notch.

The nurses were eerie and sexy at the same time.


-The script and dialogue were downright awful at points.

-The story got out of hand, and jumped from one major plot point to another too quickly.

A retro looking poster for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Final Verdict:
A fun thrill ride fit to excite any video game or horror movie enthusiast. Just don’t expect Oscar-award winning acting.


****/***** (four out of five stars)

Rated: R for violence and disturbing images, some language and brief nudity

Original Release date: October 26th 2012

Running Time: 94 minutes (1 hour and 34 minutes)

-Mitchel Clow


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