The 2012 Presidential Election: Down to the Wire

With the election only a week away, the campaigns are ramping up their efforts to be beyond the intensity they had been at for the last few months. With the debates over, everyone is now looking to the ground game to see if a candidate makes any game changing remarks.

Candidates President Obama and Mitt Romney.

At this point, the undecided voters are watching closely for anything that could tip their vote from one candidate to the other.

Critical states, like Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida, and, most importantly, Ohio are being focused upon with laser-like precision via campaigns. The power of these states is that they hold all of the swing votes in the Electoral College, which could swing this election towards either Obama or Romney.

Over the next few days, the actions of the candidates, along with their subtle persuasions, may swing not only the balance of this election, but also the balance of our nation’s history.

One thing for certain is that this election will be one of the closest in recent history, perhaps rivaling the Bush v. Gore election of 2000.

-Anthony Bjelke



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