And That is Why They’re Called Swing States

         As we saw in the election on Tuesday, the realities of an election can change in a flash. As of Monday afternoon, the talking heads on all the news networks were saying that it would all come down to Ohio.


President Obama shortly after winning the 2012 Preidential Election.

         As it turns out, the real decider in this election was Florida. Florida’s a state that the pollsters were not sure about, but were pretty convinced that it would probably swing to Governor Romney. All of the electoral projections were reflecting that, which gave the decision to the voters of Ohio.

         However, as soon as polls closed, it appeared as if something had changed. The President was running ahead of the Governor with margins that seemed to be pretty secure. Very close, but secure.

         The President’s lead was a huge shock, leading to the calling of Ohio and Virginia putting him over the top. In the end, it was Obama’s lead in Florida that seemed to knock Romney out of contention.


-Anthony Bjelke


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