“James Bond: Skyfall” Positives and Negatives Review

The name’s Clow. Mitch Clow. And I’m back to deliver a brand new positives and negatives review for the latest movie in the Bond franchise, Skyfall! Read on to see what my thoughts were on this action packed, slightly atypical venture.


-The opening action sequence introduced characters well, and started off the pace at a great speed.

-The title credit sequence was epic and beautiful, as all Bond openings usually are.

-Judi Dench showed both vitality and technical skill as the aging M.

Judi Dench as the intense M, leader of the British MI6.

-Daniel Craig added depth to a nearly emotionally devoid Bond.

-Sequences were shot on location in many beautiful foreign places, including Shanghai and Scotland.

-Baddie Silva was a lot like Heath Ledger’s Joker, but was never thrown over the top by expert actor Javier Bardem.

Javier Bardem as the eerie Bond villain Silva.

-Action sequences remained the highlight of this high-octane adventure throughout the world.


-The film felt at times afraid to break out of the predictable Bond mold, including the brief and listless “Bond girl” sequence.

-I wanted more. Not really a negative, just anticipation for another Bond venture!

The “Skyfall” one sheet.

Final verdict: A high quality film, not unlike the two Bonds to precede it. It kept its head during the heavy action, and nearly made enough changes to the formula by the end to designate an individual Bond experience.

****/***** (four out of five stars)

Running time: 143 minutes (2 hours and 23 minutes)

Original Release Date (USA): Novmeber 9th, 2012

Rated: PG-13 for intense violent sequences throughout, some sexuality, language and smoking.

-Mitchel Clow


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